English football should prepare for a new financial reality after coronavirus

20 March 2020 14:59
The pandemic will have a huge financial impact on footballers, with many already fearful of losing their livelihoodsBy Gavin Willacy for Playing in the ShadowsThe decision of Barnet chairman Tony Kleanthous to lay off all non-playing staff at the club may look drastic, but he is unlikely to be the last owner to voluntarily lower his club’s status. English football is going to have to press the reset button in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The same concerns are everywhere.Even where TV money is the major income, revenue is going to collapse. Almost every club in the country pays players more than it should, in most cases, more than the club can really afford. Players will have to take a reality check and reduced pay cheques. The £5,000-a-week League One star has to accept his next contract could be half that, unless he can secure a move to the Championship. Instead of being offered £40,000 a year, players in League Two may have to take the national layman’s £25,000. The non-league player on £200 a game may be offered £100 next season. And so it goes. Related: Barnet lay off all non-playing staff as club counts cost of coronavirus Related: Wycombe's David Wheeler: 'A lot more can be done to look after players' Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian