David Wheeler: on QPR, Grenfell Tower and why he is happy to pay a lot of tax

23 November 2017 09:47
David Wheeler plays on the wing for QPR. He is also a university graduate, a columnist and a political campaigner who wants to overhaul British democracyBy Matt Stanger for The Set Pieces, part of the Guardian Sport NetworkDavid Wheeler has uncommon priorities for a professional footballer. The first part of his bio on Twitter reads: “Sports Science Graduate at Brunel University.” The second part reveals that he is also a professional footballer for QPR. Having joined Exeter City from non-league at a relatively late age, and then progressed to the Championship with QPR this summer, Wheeler has a different perspective to most players.“I can imagine that if you stay in football all the way through from being a kid it is very, very difficult to imagine what it’s like outside of football because you’ve only had that experience. I consider myself quite lucky to have had the experience of going to university and working, doing other things, because you can build empathy with people from different walks of life,” he says. Related: The day a non-league defender marked Aubameyang ... after running a 10k Related: How to ghost write a football book Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian