Coventry’s Ben Wilson: ‘A rollercoaster? I’ve never been at the top to come back down’

13 May 2023 11:00
The goalkeeper has found local fame, a ‘family’ and hope for an unlikely Premier League future after a club-hopping careerWherever Coventry’s incredible season goes from here, the moment the goalkeeper Ben Wilson scored a 95th-minute equaliser to salvage a draw at Blackburn in April is unlikely to be forgotten any time soon. If Coventry do clinch promotion to the Premier League, they may look back on that trip as the decisive game – and point – that helped them qualify for the playoffs.“The worst thing was there were about 40 seconds left after I scored,” Wilson says. “I was thinking: ‘If this ball comes anywhere near me – and it doesn’t matter if it’s rolling at 1 mph – I’m going to be struggling to pick it up,’ because my emotions were all over the place.” Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian