Cher, love and karaoke: the story behind Darvel’s Scottish Cup shock| Paul MacInnes

24 January 2023 20:25
Manager Mick Kennedy thought his side could beat Aberdeen, the dressing room singing made the players believe it tooThere was a moment before Darvel’s historic Scottish Cup victory against Aberdeen on Monday that Mick Kennedy describes as “very interesting”. The manager had given a tub-thumping team talk, one that has gone viral on social media, and his team had completed their warmup, but tension lingered in the dressing room. Then Cher’s Believe started up on a player’s speaker.“There was a wee bit of nerves, you could feel it,” Kennedy says. “But then one of the boys, [veteran defender] Darren Miller, started singing and the other guys began to join in.” Kennedy came through from his own dressing room to find every player sitting in their seat singing the 1998 anthem. “It took the nerves right out of the air. It was a bit strange, to be fair.” Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian