Champions League prize money 2021/22

05 May 2022 07:15

Real Madrid and Liverpool will fight it out in the final for the 2021/22 Champions League trophy, but it's not just silverware that's on offer.

It's one of the most prestigious and richest competitions in the world, and with that comes some cash incentive for clubs in Europe to do as well as possible.

Here's how much clubs earn in this season's Champions League.

Champions League 2021/22 prize money

Teams accumulate prize money throughout the tournament based on performance. While winning the Champions League final is on its own worth around £17m, the total sum of cash the winners receive would be much more than that.

Winning the competition can be worth around £70m, though the team that does will earn even more once cash from television deals are factored in.

Group stage

  • Each win: €2.8m
  • Each draw: €0.93m

Knockout rounds

  • Last 16: €9.6m
  • Quarter-finalist: €10.6m
  • Semi-finalist: €12.5m
  • Finalist: €15.5m
  • Final winners: €4.5m

Champions League 2021/22 television money

As well as rewards based on their performance in the Champions League, clubs will be given their share of cash from television deals.

A total of €300.3m will be distributed among the 2021/22 Champions League teams. Each country is given a certain amount to share out, depending on that nation's TV market value. Those fees are also affected by how many clubs each country has in the competition.

Champions League 2021/22 money deductions

The financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic has forced UEFA to take from the €2.732bn it had planned to distribute to clubs competing in the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League. The 2019/20 revenue from European competitions was €416.5m lower than expected due to the pandemic, but rather than pay out that year UEFA elected to recoup some of that shortfall each season until 2023/24.

€83.3m will be deducted by UEFA from the cash it shares across the three club competitions in proportion to each competition and each individual club's income.

Source: 90min