Blackpool owner Simon Sadler: 'I think clubs will go like dominoes'

14 June 2020 15:30
The boyhood fan reflects on football’s financial chasm, voting to end the season – and banishing memories of the Oyston eraWhen a local boy done good, Simon Sadler, bought Blackpool last June from the toxic ruins of Owen Oyston’s ownership, he ushered in an emotional vision of restoration and revival for the home-town club he grew up supporting in the 1970s. A year on, he maintains the same plans and dreams, and talks of drawing inspiration from historic Blackpool greats such as Sir Stanley Matthews, but like everybody he could never have imagined the Covid-19 nightmare that has beset the country and football.This interview on the anniversary of his £10m takeover takes place in the shadow of Britain’s 63,000 excess deaths because of coronavirus and the alarming economic crisis. Related: Chris Hughton: 'If I’m looking at the protests and wondering if it will change things, the answer is yes' | Jacob Steinberg Related: Happiness tinged with hollowness as Football League saga plays out | Ben Fisher Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian