Blackpool FC: tangerines are the only fruit for us | Brief letters

19 January 2024 17:28
Tangerine dreams | California tipping | Going commando | Dung beetlesAs a supporter of both the Guardian and Blackpool FC for more than 50 years, my loyalty to the former has been stretched by Will Unwin’s report (17 January) of Blackpool’s game with Nottingham Forest, which said “the home support brought renewed vigour to those in orange”. Surely he heard them singing that we are “the only team in football in tangerine and white”.Bill HaireThornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire• Here in California, the world’s fifth largest economy by GDP, tipping has reached everything except the toll booths – probably soon to come (Tipping in the US made me feel mortified and contrite, 7 January). We are now individually in charge of the wellbeing and poverty level of the person on the other side of the cash register. Ayn Rand has won!Jorge SalazarLos Angeles, California, US Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian