Blackpool fans boycott League Two play-off final against Exeter’s jolly volunteers

27 May 2017 11:31
Facing the followers of Exeter City at Wembley will be swaths of empty seats as disenfranchised Blackpool fans continue protest at Oyston family’s stewardshipThe symbolism will hang heavily in the air at Wembley on Sunday afternoon. At one end of the ground, a sea of red and white will offer a perfect demonstration of the positives that can be achieved when supporters have a say in the running of their club. Facing the followers of Exeter City, however, the swaths of empty seats in the Blackpool section will tell a sorry story about what happens when football fans are pushed too far.The League Two play-off final pits together one supporter-owned club and another whose disenfranchised fans are so fed up with the people in charge that many of them are boycotting Blackpool’s biggest match of the season. For Blackpool fans who have made the painful choice to stay away from Wembley, winning promotion to League One is of secondary importance compared with the onerous task of getting the Oyston family out of Bloomfield Road. Related: How does it feel to win the play-offs? AFC Wimbledon boss Neal Ardley explains Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian