Ange Postecoglou’s VAR complaints feed familiar Old Firm biases

13 January 2023 14:20
Celtic manager’s remarks plug into ingrained fan paranoia but the technology’s introduction in Scotland has been haphazardBoredom will reach Ange Postecoglou eventually. Any manager or player with aspiration of competing in a challenging environment, where there are more than two horses – at most – sees life beyond Celtic. Had Postecoglou not arrived in Glasgow with a reputation for occasionally taking issue with the sporting world, onlookers would be entitled to sense the Australian is already chasing self-created excitement.Postecoglou claimed he was more interested in his dinner options than Rangers’ appointment of Michael Beale. Harmless enough and a decent soundbite but bordering on petty. Shortly before Christmas, Postecoglou railed against the general failure to “differentiate” between his Celtic team and Rangers. The grouping together of the Old Firm is apposite; no other side have been Scottish champions since 1985. Ticket pricing alone tells us Celtic and Rangers have long since realised theirs is a partnership that is good for business. Yet Postecoglou, over this utterly trivial point, expressed unhappiness. Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian