5 of Football's Strangest Club Takeover Bids

24 July 2020 09:20

With money dictating the beautiful game more than ever, football ownership and potential takeover bids are constantly talk of the town.

While some can prove fruitful - think Sheikh Mansour at Manchester City - others can prove disastrous. Wigan have just watched their club be relegated to League One in gruelling fashion, as an investigation into their recent takeover and subsequent immediate falling into administration continues.

In the top flight, Newcastle have been waiting on the edge of their seats to learn the outcome of their impending Saudi takeover. And if a global pandemic can't get Mike Ashley out of St James' Park, then fans will begin to wonder what will.

Not all rumoured takeovers ever reach such an advanced stage, and instead merely remain speculation and a case of 'what if'. Here's a list of some of the wildest takeover bids that have been rumoured to take place in football.

Source: 90min