What Will Toon Protests Do To Shift Ashley?

09 December 2010 11:58
Some Toon fans are trying to plan a protest against Mike Ashley . but let's be serious here . WHAT WILL IT DO? We've tried it before but the fat bastard won't be moved until a buyer comes in. One fan on our message board:  "I have never believed in protesting, I have always felt it only serves to have a negative effect on the team. "However I feel every fan must protest today at the press conference to show what we really think of Pardew. (Not Saturday as that could effect the performance/result.) "For all those who believe we should just support the team regardless, what do they think we should do when Andy Carroll is sold, or Pardew gets us relegated again? "First Keegan was sacked, then we were inflicted with Kinnear, then Shearer was treat like crap, we were relegated, St James renamed and then Houghton sacked - THIS REALLY IS THE FINAL STRAW!" WHAT DO YOU THINK? PUT YOUR VIEWS ON OUR MESSAGE BOARD!