Toon Star Wants To Repay Supporters For Support!

21 December 2010 04:15
Hatem Ben Arfa was visited by Newcastle club doctors at his rehabilitation centre in the South of France last week and his return to training has been moved forward to the first week of February. Ben Arfa’s agent Simon Stainrod: “Hatem is doing really, really well. “He’s working really hard and he’s in a centre where they are working intensively from Monday to Friday on the injury and it is definitely helping him to make plenty of progress. “I think from the original prognosis, it’s going to be much, much better than that. "You can never tell 100% but hopefully he’s going to be back in the first week of February, which is just fantastic. "It could be later, it could be earlier but that’s better than anyone thought. “The club doctor came from Newcastle to see him last week and he was really delighted with Hatem’s progress. He’s working hard and there are a group of specialists working with him – he’s really in the best place. “He’s working on his strength and that is the next step, but he’s dedicated and he’s absolutely determined to get back in a Newcastle shirt and repay the supporters for their support through all of this.”