Micky Quinn Misses The Point!

14 May 2010 10:27
Micky Quinn says Ossie Ardiles came to no harm throwing in the kids during his one year stint at St James' Park . and those players became stars. But Ossie was sacked and we were second bottom of the league . heading towards the THIRD DIVISION! The former World Cup winner had no choice, he was only given £400,000 to spend and brought in Franz Carr and David Kelly, two superb players. So he HAD to introduce the kids, who all became great players eventually, but they very nearly took us to a place we had never been in our history . the THIRD tier of football. Micky Quinn: “When Ossie was here, the club had no cash and he had no choice but to throw in a load of kids all at once. “When you look at the lads who came through from that group they all went on to be cracking players. “Clarkie was one of the best young ones, and the likes of Watto, Thommo, Stevie Howey and Robbie Elliott went on to have really good careers and made names for themselves. “Most of them went on to play in the team that got promoted and then played in the Premier League and Europe for Newcastle. “So there is an argument that it can pay off. It certainly didn’t do them any harm, but you have to be sensible and have a mixture. “You have to surround them with a bit of experience. “But the more you play young, talented players the more experience they get and the better they become. “It’s just a case of blending them in. We had good, experienced pros around like Barry Venison, Paul Bracewell and Rob Lee and it paid off, and it’s a similar situation now with players like Alan Smith and Kevin Nolan. “Yes, Clarkie and Co did get their education in the Second Division to start with, and next season the next generation will have to do it all again in the Premier League, but it’s a major learning curve. “Chris has done a magnificent job, and it would be unfair if he wasn’t given a few quid to spend. “I think we’re all realistic and know there isn’t much money knocking around at the moment – even Chelsea are talking about bringing through youngsters despite all of their millions. “It’s just a gradual process bringing younger players through. “But after all the hard work by the players and Chris Hughton, they deserve to be given a fighting chance to survive. “The fans don’t deserve to see Newcastle as relegation fodder, and it would be good if Mr Ashley becomes Mr Cashley and hands Chris a bit of money to spend. “No matter what sort of season you’ve had previously, you always like to see people trying to improve areas of the squad. “I don’t think it’s nailed on that Newcastle will struggle their way through – they have some decent players already. “And I look at Wolves, Stoke and Birmingham and think there’s no reason why Newcastle can’t do something similar. “If anything, giving Chris a bit of money to spend would be the perfect ‘thank you’ for getting Newcastle up first time of asking.”