Is Capello Pointing The Finger At Carroll?

14 November 2010 12:11
England boss Fabio Capello talked about the drinking culture of certain Premiership players - then included Andy Carroll in the same breath. Fabio Capello: "I don't know Andy Carroll very well. "I have to speak with him to know him. I will meet him, but he is young. "English fans have to understand he is a young player. Everyone makes mistakes. "I hope he will change. We have to help him. It will be really important for him to stay with the seniors. "He only started to play last season and this season he has exploded. Now he is on fire. He is one for the future of England. "I hope that his private life with be better. I hope it will improve. "If a player drinks a lot his career will be shorter. "This is important. "Players have to understand the effect drink has on the body. I don't think it is possible to be a top athlete and drink heavily after matches. "You can know everything about what happens in someone's private life because of the mobile phone. "It can record all the time. It can take pictures. You can find everything on Facebook or Twitter. "It is the worst thing. It is why people can speak about certain people drinking or being out. "Players now have to be so careful with their private life because people can see everything."