Hughton Blasts Media Comments!

19 November 2010 11:27
Chris Hughton insists there was no fall-out with the Football Association over the fitness of Andy Carroll . and (despite reports in newspapers) he did NOT ask for the striker to be pulled out of the squad. Chris Hughton: "What we did not tell them was that we wanted to pull him out of the squad. "We were conscious that one or two days can make a difference. "We assessed him here on Sunday morning and at that stage we thought it was very doubtful he would be fit for Wednesday or even for Saturday. "So that was the concern we raised. "We let them know it but of course, we still allowed him to go because it was the right thing to do. "Over that period of time, anything can happen. What can happen, did happen. "I spoke to the FA right through that period and if he was not fit to play, then they would not have played him, there was no agreement (for him to play 70 minutes). "We spoke only about if he was not fit to play. The lines of communication also include him being there and being assessed by their medical department and Andy himself. "Through all of that, it was determined he was fit to play. He came back and we assessed him today. He is a bit stiff but there does not seem to be any reaction. That is the end of it. "Andy is a player who is playing on a high at the moment and his responsibility is to maintain that level. "He is a player with a lot of confidence and has signed a long-term contract because the club see the value in him. "He is a local lad and it is a club he wants to be at. I do not think Andy will be any different to anyone else that is playing well over a period of time. "He is a Newcastle and England number nine who has played just one game for his country. Next week, it will be someone else high profile. "The important thing is we do not get carried away. We hope there are many more England games for him to play and hope he gets to the stage where there is interest for him because he is playing so well. "It is up too us to look after him, look after our best interests and keep him here. "In some ways, it is different because this is a very small city but it is about the individual. "I do not think any one individual can blame any area, his upbringing or any city."