Has Ashley Put Right All His Wrongs?

07 April 2010 09:26
What will Mike Ashley do in the summer . back Chris Hughton with a decent amount of dosh . or put the club back on the market? Put your comments on our message board. Here are three Toon fans giving their opinions . Toon Crusader: Honestly, to me he has a simple choice:- spend or sell. If hes not prepared to spend, he must surely sell. There is no point him keeping the club, only to not spend and see it relegated again, and becoming, from the look of how he couldn't sell it before, a largely worthless investment, which, we are told in the media, has been apparently hemoraging money and being supported by Ashley. It would, I think, make no logical or business sense for Ashley to keep the club and not spend. I think that. Ashley may have made mistakes, but hes not a fool. Hes had his fingers burned once with relegation, he surely wont dare risk it again. Financially, it hurts him far more than it hurts any of us. At the end of the day, they apparently spent £5.5m in the January window. If they're willing to spend that in the Championship, with the club, according to some in the media, hemoraging money to the tune of £500K a week, then he will surely back Hughton far more in the summer, with the club getting all the riches the Premiership brings, and having had the wage bill apparently halved following relegation (and set to be futher reduced with the seemingly likely departures of Hall, Butt and Pancrate). Heveweight: If you really think that the only reason many of us don't like Ashley is because he sacked our hero Keegan and we're too stupid to realise it then you are a moron. He and Llambias have treated the fans with arrogance and contempt and have consistantly LIED to us while taking our money and support for granted. He deserves no credit what so ever for NUFC being a premiership team next season and has a long long was to go before he repairs the damage done and I suspect he really couldn't care less about building any bridges with fans unless it lines his pockets. Toonful: He's saved our club! He didnt buy something that was flourishing he bought something that had been mismanaged for years, bad owners shite managers, bad signings, spending money we didn't have and still flirting with relegation. Unfortunatly he may have bought the inevitable (relegation) on us quicker than would have happened anyway. But he has certainly gone some way to turning it around and bringing some stability in both the management and playing side. He wont sell, no one has the money, so he will invest - not much but enough . The Puma money, Sky money, increased match day takings. I think about £20m will be what we spend, plus the likes of Nicky Butt off the wage bill. Not the £60m we would all like. GIVE US YOUR VIEWS!