Everybody's Second Team? Not For Fitz Hall!

09 February 2010 10:49
Fitz Hall grew up in Walthamstow but Newcastle United was his team! And he wanted to play at St James' Park, just like his boyhood heroes Peter Beardsley and Andy Cole. He was hooked on Kevin Keegan's "Entertainers", the side Andy Gray once said were "every football fan's second team". Fitz Hall: “It is a cliché, but this is a dream come true for me. “As a little boy I would watch Newcastle, and I remember going to a shop to buy a Newcastle kit. “When I got there I didn’t have enough money. “I wanted a shirt, but I only had enough to buy the shorts and socks. “Now for the first time I have a shirt, so I am very excited. “It’s big for me and for my friends and family, who are going to come up and watch Newcastle. “I am still amazed with the whole situation and being at a club like Newcastle United. “As soon as I pull on the shirt all of that must go out of the window because then I will be doing my job.” “I really got into watching Newcastle when Andy Cole and Peter Beardsley played together. “I admired them then. “It was watching back then and the Entertainers that got me hooked. “Nobody will ever forget the two games with Liverpool either. “In London, people support different teams and it is very different to here. “Here, everybody bleeds black and white. There, you have fans of teams who don’t even go to the grounds. “It is just exciting to be here and get some appearances under my belt. “But we know it will be hard work and only that which gets us back to the top division.”