Time to End the N'Zogbia Tug-of-War

19 July 2011 09:08
Although the transfer message boards appear to have gone incredibly quiet, the issue of N'Zogbia is still about. Word has it, a £9million bid has been rejected by Wigan and that the price has allegedly been set by Wigan at £10million. Now, there is a chance that some of it is speculation, along with the interest from Sunderland and Everton (although I'm not sure how either of these clubs will be able to afford him now- Sunderland must have spent up (they apparently amended the Darron Gibson deal at the last minute) and Everton are skint). I fully appreciate the logic of McLeish holding out thus far. He is undoubtedly testing Whelan's resolve and will not be held to ransom over a transfer fee. I also know that the signing bonuses for all would change if the fee increased. However, there are a series of important points that need to be recognised. 1) N'Zogbia represents a capable left-sided player, where we now have a gaping hole. 2) He has proven premier league experience. Players like Vargas are not guaranteed to perform in the EPL. 3) We need to replace Benty's supply line quickly, and N'Zogbia fits the bill along with goalsoring capabilities of his own. 4) In truth, when compared to Downing, £10million for N'Zogbia is an absolute bargain. He is about as good for half the price! So, with all of the above to consider, I think it is time to nail Wigan down to a definite price of £10million and get the lad in claret and blue. If another club comes in with a £10million bid, he will go elsewhere and McLeish will have to start again. I think Vargas may be a good signing, but a player with Premier League experience is essential. We cannot really afford for a player to take a couple of seasons to find their stride. In all honesty, I think most Villans are fed up with reading the 'will he, won't he' speculation now, and we just want to see N'Zogs in his shiny new Villa shirt. Alex Mac- raid the piggy bank for that extra mil and get the lad signed.