Simply Not Good Enough

21 September 2011 02:28
Losing to Bolton is not normally something to be ashamed of, because they are a decent side, but last night's exit from the Carling Cup was simply not acceptable. A full strength Bolton can give any team a decent game, but Villa were at home against a second string Bolton side that included nine changes. The game itself was a very dull and laboured encounter, but Bolton just plainly wanted it more. After their goal went in, they wanted another, and they got it. I say that it is simply not good enough because McLeish put out his best squad (with the exception of Bent) and we could not even give them a decent game of it. I have been singing the praises of the start we have had, and I stand by that, but last night showed genuine cause for concern. Not because of the result, but the way we played and the opposition we faced. I am not changing my standpoint on the solid league start we have had, but if last night is an indication of how the team is going to play then it does not bode well.  One meaningful opportunity on goal with the likes of Gabby, Albrighton, Bannan and Ireland on the pitch is just disgraceful. Bannan even admitted on AVTV that they let the supporters down. If it had been an attacking game both ways and Bolton had emerged victorious, we could at least be encouraged by chances made and the team effort. Creativity is most definitely a problem, and given the chance last night Ireland and Albrighton should have grabbed the opportunity to impress. ONE proper chance on goal! I would never call for a manager to be sacked at this stage, nor would I encourage booing or abuse at the games, but I can certainly understand why supporters do and they are more than entitled to do so. There will be many, many fans today that will be convinced that McLeish's style of football is already starting to map out the season. I would love to disagree, but I would find it difficult in providing the grounds to do so at the moment. I hope that last night was a blip in what has been a surprisingly good start to the season.