Sportsmail looks at the stars who played again after horrific leg breaks

03 March 2010 04:16
Aaron Ramsey's horrific leg break against Stoke has put the young star out for six to nine months, leaving his Arsenal and Wales managers, Arsene Wenger and John Toshack to plan without him.

But how long will he really be out for? Is there a chance he might never play again?

Sportsmail takes a look at some similar injuries from Premiership history to measure his comeback chances.

Sad sight: Shawcross is sent off for his challenge on Ramsey (bottom)

Djibril Cisse (Liverpool)Break: 30 October 2004 - v Blackburn

Tackler: Jay McEveley

Comeback: 13 April 2005 v Juventus

Days out with injury: 165 / 5 months 14 days

What they said at the time: 'If everything goes to plan then five months out is not an unrealistic target. But if the bones don't start to heal properly then it could potentially be this time next year. And unfortunately there is a chance that it's a career-ending injury.'  - English Institute of Sport physio Daryl Martin.

Awful moment: Liverpool's Djibril Cisse (left) and Blackburn's James McEveley

Alan Smith (Manchester United) Break: 18 February 2006 v Liverpool (right)

Tackler: John Arne Riise's free-kick

Comeback: 26 September 2006 v Benfica

Days out with injury: 220/ 7 months 8 days

What they said at the time:  'the worst I've ever seen.' - Sir Alex Ferguson

'The two injuries individually are both serious but they aren't major injuries and can be treated relatively straightforwardly. Certainly from what Alan has been told by the doctors (minimum nine-month absence) we are not under the impression that it is career-threatening, although it will be a long process to come back.' - Smith's agent.

Jamie Carragher (Liverpool) Break: 13 September 2003 v Blackburn

Tackler: Lucas Neill

Comeback: 21 January 2004 v Wolves

Days out with injury: 130 / 4 months 8 days

What they said at the time: 'To me, it was a coward's challenge and the player's reaction was appalling. He was complaining about being sent off as he left the pitch. I'm gutted for Jamie. He won't be able to play for six months, but Neill will be back after three games.' - Gerard Houllier

Still got it: Jamie Carragher (left) resumed his fine career after the injury

Eduardo (Arsenal)Break: 23 February 2008 v Birmingham

Tackler: Martin Taylor

Comeback: 16 February 2009

Days out with injury: 359 / 11 months 24 days

What they said at the time: 'It is hoped that Eduardo will be running again in six months time and making a full recovery after nine months.' - Club statement

Fateful day: Birmingham's Martin Taylor breaks Eduardo's leg

Kieron Dyer (West Ham)

Break: 28 August 2007 v Bristol Rovers (right)

Tackler: Joe Jacobsen

Comeback: 3 January 2009 v Barnsley

Days out with in injury: 494 / 1 year 4 months 6 days

What they said at the time: 'Kieron was stretchered off the pitch and rushed to hospital where it was confirmed he had fractured both the tibia and fibula of his right leg. "It is too early to say how long he will be out for as this will become clearer once the first stage of surgery is completed.' - Club statement

And two who never recovered. David Busst (Coventry)Break: 8 April 1996 v Manchester United

Tackler: Denis Irwin/Brian McClair

Busst nearly had to have his leg amputated and contracted MRSA in hospital. After more than 26 operations Busst never played football again.

Horror: David Busst collides with Denis Irwin and Brian McClair

Luc Nilis (Aston Villa)Break: 09 September 2000 v Ipswich

Tackler: Richard Wright

Villa had high hopes for the prolific goalscorer but early into the clash with Ipswich at the start of the 2000/01 campaign Nilis sustained a double fracture of his right leg when he collided with Ipswich goalkeeper Richard Wright. Four months later Nilis announced his retirement. 

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