Rio Ferdinand: Manchester United won't wear snoods

10 December 2010 12:32
Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand is leading the backlash against snoods.

Several Barclays Premier League stars - including Manchester City's Carlos Tevez and Arsenal's Samir Nasri - have worn the circular neck warmers during the recent big freeze.

Cover up: Manchester City's Carlos Tevez (left) and Liverpool's Pepe Reina wearing snoods

Millionaire stars Yaya Toure, Mario Balotelli, Maroune Chamakh and Pepe Reina have also been pulling on the farcical item that has plunged football fashion to new depths.

But United captain Ferdinand used his Twitter site to rule out any of the Red Devils following the craze.

He wrote: 'You won't see a Man Utd player wearing a snood.'

It's not that cold! Marouane Chamakh (left) and Tottenham's players try to keep the icy breeze out

After a backlash from followers over his tweet, Ferdinand later added: 'A lot of hostility from other teams' fans. I don't care if your players do or don't wear snoods. I just said WE won't be, so pipe down!'

The snoods - that Man City have even started selling in their club shop - have attracted ridicule from fans and former players.

Leeds United's legendary hardman Norman Hunter, 67, said: 'Sir Alex Ferguson's of the old guard that wouldn't want players running out in that.

Big freeze: Samir Nasri (left) hit top form wearing a snood, while Martin Petrov oddly wore short sleeves too

'They just look uncomfortable. If anybody grabbed you from behind, they could almost throttle you.

'We didn't even wear gloves. We played in a lot worse conditions than they play in now - ice, snow, mud, everything.

'Nowadays players go out with body and leg warmers and this thing on their neck. We used to rub Algipan oil all over. That kept us warm.'

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Source: Daily_Mail