Barcelona v Arsenal: what the Spanish papers are saying...

07 April 2010 08:59
El Mundo - Messi opens the floodgates on Arsenal

Fernando Llamas writes: 'In the 180 minutes of the Champions league quarter-finals, Barcelona came up against a good Arsenal side, who were ultimately, and without doubt, beaten at the Nou Camp by a home side with more hunger, thirst and intelligence.

'Last night Lionel Messi went beyond what any human could possibly conceive. He showed art, magic, desire, emotion, fun and ferocity all the while retaining the taste and mood of football.

'The result was by no means a bad one for Arsene Wenger's side who were faced with a plague of injuries.'

El Pais - Messi feasts on Arsenal

Ramon Besa writes: "Last night Barca was, more than ever, Messi FC - the No 10 monopolized this game. The six shots before the half-time break were his own not to mention the three spectacular goals. Messi's first three goals were equally beautiful and showed three different ways of thrashing to pieces such a big game.

"He was accurate and intense and brought his season total to 38 goals in 43 games.

"Messi always guarantees something wonderful will happen and yesterday it did - he scored a fourth. For him it was the best way to secure a place in the semi-finals for the third consecutive year. Messi is a football genius."

El Periodico de Catalunya - Barcelona crush Arsenal with four goals and another lesson in team football

David Torras writes: "The champions continue on the road to the Bernabeu where they look to retain their crown from Rome.

"The feel and look comfortable but there is no one stronger in Europe, no one so admirable who leaves his mark on a game so much.

"Last night the Nou Camp witnessed another great work of Messi. A supernatural being who becomes more indescribable with every game.

"'Yes, yes we're going to Madrid'," the Catalan fans sang after beating Arsenal 4-1 - but there remains one last step between the final. A double battle with a well known enemy. Inter."

El digital de Madrid - Not Cristiano Ronaldo or Maradona: the best is Messi

Óscar Sáez writes: "Barcelona have the greatest player of the moment. Messi's four goals against Arsenal represent a before and after in the career of someone who could well become the greatest player of all time.

"The Argentine has sent a threat to Madrid just four days before El Clasico, and is is a display of this kind of calibre that is missing from Cristiano Ronaldo.

"The challenge for the Barcelona player now is not a day-to-day challenge, nor after the Champions League, or the league or with Cristiano Ronaldo. His challenge is with history, with Pele and with Maradona.

"Messi - have you seen him? In 50 years everyone will still be talking about him."

Noticias de Gipuzkoa - Messi turns a nightmare into a dream

"Last night Lionel Messi wrote yet another new chapter into his already sublime season and woke the Nou Camp from a nightmare. The Argentine ended all fears that Bendtner's goal 18 minutes in could have eliminated Barca.

"The nightmare only lasted for three minutes before the Argentine, benefiting from a poor defensive clearance, took the ball and hit a left-footed shot into Almunia's net.

"Barca were back in front in a tie which from that moment on was history. Messi had started the party and had no intention of stopping."

Source: Telegraph