Carroll Has The Shirt - Ameobi Has The Track Record

01 August 2010 11:36
Is Shola Ameobi the 'forgotten man' of St James' Park. He was overlooked for the Number Nine shirt . but he can always argue he has the Premiership track record. Shola Ameobi: “I know I can score goals in the Premier League. “There’s not really an established pecking order at the moment, which maybe wasn’t always the case in the past when someone like Alan (Shearer) was around. “Chances will come along for all the strikers, and you have to take them when they arrive. “I was chosen to start last season and I scored a hat-trick in my first home game, but Andy got into the side and finished as top scorer. Things like that happen. “Nobody knows what’s going to happen this season – you just have to make sure you give your all and make sure you’re in the best possible shape to show the manager that you’re ready for the task ahead. “It’s going to be a big year for me personally, but then every year is a big year. It’s been one injury after another for me in the last couple of seasons, but I can’t do anything about that. “It’s not as though there’s a weakness there that’s affecting me – it’s been lots of different injuries that I haven’t been able to do anything about. “I approach every season exactly the same. I want to put myself in the best shape to go out there and do my best as soon as the season begins.”