Raffaella Fico

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Raffaella Fico is the former girlfriend of Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli. Fico and Balotelli, 21, dated for almost a year but split in April 2012 after a row over his alleged cheating. In July 2012 Fico wrote an open letter regarding the fatherhood of her as yet unborn child. Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli’s pregnant ex has written an emotional letter to him insisting that he is the father. Raffaella Fico, 27, has also agreed to have a paternity test on the unborn child to prove her claims. The well known model from Cercola reportedly had a romance with Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 before teaming up with Balotelli in the summer transfer window. Raffaella Fico whilst undoubtedly a stunner is also prone to the bizarre and after appearing in the Italian version of Big Brother in 2008, famously auctioned her virginity for one million euros!

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