Coleen Rooney

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Coleen Rooney epitomizes the fairytale dream. From Chav to couture she left highschool at the tender age of 16 to begin life as a WAG to one of Englands top footballers,single handledly defining 'chav chic'. Married to Man united and England footballer Wayne Rooney, the couple now share a daughter Kai Wayne Rooney who was born in late 2009. The Liverpool lass has developed a successful career as a TV presenter, tabloid columnist and celebrity product endorser with the ITV series 'Coleens real women', numerous DVD's, a biography and an alleged £3 million deal to front the Asda campaign under her belt. Controversially British Vogue wanted Coleen to appear in their spread much to the publics dislike, highlighting how prominant Coleen was in the world of high fashion. At the German world cup 2006, Coleen took her place as 'super wag' amongst the other wifes including Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole, repordedly pictured socialising and indulging in huge splurges. This year should see the return of a mature WAG as she emerges as a successful mother and business women.

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