York face big financial shortfall

05 August 2009 03:51
York City is set to lose £62,000 of funding after the Football Conference cut its central payments to clubs from £80,000 to £18,000.Part of the reduction is caused by the lack of a television deal after the broadcaster Setanta collapsed. York director of communication Sophie Hicks told BBC Radio York: "We received confirmation on Monday that the central funding is going to reduce. "It's a big blow but it's difficult for every club in our league." Hicks said they hope a new deal will still be found. "The impact is clearly from Setanta but we didn't really envisage that the shortfall would be this large. "We also thought the Conference would have sorted out a new television deal by now. "They are making noises that a new deal will be announced by Friday but I think it's going to be substantially less than last year so it's difficult. "But the more people we can get to come through the turnstiles the more businesses that support us in any way, that's really going to benefit us this season." Hicks also defended the transfer fee of £55,000 paid for striker Michael Gash in the light of the funding cut. "Money that was spent on Michael Gash came from the transfer fee that we received from Scunthorpe for Adam Boyes so that was fortuitous for us. "But this is a massive amount of money. Our youth scheme is in jeopardy and the parents of our youth trainees are fundraising at the moment. "They're doing really well and we hope people in the community will also support them. But this is just another blow and it makes life difficult for us really."

Source: BBC_Sport