Scariest thing I have ever faced - Ingham

06 May 2010 01:33
Michael Ingham said that the dreadful scenes of crowd violence at the end of York City's memorable play-off semi-final victory over Luton Town was the "scariest thing he had ever faced." The jubilant York players were pelted with missiles by marauding Luton fans and forced to beat a hasty retreat into the stands only moments after celebrating one of the club's greatest triumphs in recent times.Coins and bottles rained in on them, with leading scorer Richard Brodie getting hit on the head and also reportedly having a corner flag thrown at him."It really was incredible; I've never seen anything like it in my life," former Northern Ireland international goalkeeper Ingham told the Belfast Telegraph."We had just gone over to our fans after winning and to be honest I hadn't a clue what was coming next as we all had our backs to the home fans."Then, all of a sudden, we started to see coins and bottles coming over our head and when I turned to look at what was happening, I couldn't believe it."Seven people have since been arrested and one charged and the Hatters now face an FA investigaton."It really was mayhem," continued Ingham. "The police and stewards did what they could but the pitch was becoming crowded."I got hit in the back by something but thankfully I was moving and wasn't hurt in a bad way."The tunnel area had been blocked off so we were told to get into the stand with our fans while they tried to get the situation under control but even then there were still pelting us with things."It was the scariest thing I have ever faced in my career for sure and one that I hope is never repeated."