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Frankenstadion - Nuremberg

Population: 490,000
Stadium: Frankenstadion
Project: Reconstruction
Investment: €56m

Gross Capacity: 41,926
Total Seating Capacity: 36,898 (*)
Purchasable Ticket Capacity (**)

Group stage: 32,341
Round of sixteen: 31,995

Nuremberg stadium is located in the south east of Germany and is home to the German football team of Nuremberg. 5 World cup games will be played here in total starting on the 11th June 2006 with a match between Mexico and Iran (match 7) followed by England V Trinidad & Tobago (match 19), Japan V Croatia (match 28), Ghana V United states (match 42) and the final game to be played here will be on the 25th June 2006, part of the final 16 teams (match 52).