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World Cup Qualifying AFC R2 Group 4 News

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    Man City V Crystal Palace - 20th December , Kick Off 12.45pm

    On this occasion Pickle Palace boss Neil Warnock had a right to moan as the Eagles goal that was ruled out was clearly not offside. It could...

    21 Dec 2014 12:13
    Other Premier League Fixtures - 2014/15

    Sat 20/12/14 Hull City 0 - 1 Swansea City Queens Park Ra… 3 - 2 West Bromwich Rangers came from 2-0 down to beat Albion with Char...

    21 Dec 2014 12:10
    Aston Villa v Man Utd - 20th December , Kick Off 3.00pm

    I think the referee got it completely wrong in sending off Agbonlahor who is not a dirty player and never been shown a red card before. It w...

    21 Dec 2014 12:07
    West Ham v Leicester - 20th December , Kick Off 3.00pm

    Have seen the highlights now. I agree with you comrade Almeida that West Ham didnt play well on Saturday and on another day we could have lo...

    21 Dec 2014 12:00
    Aston Villa v Man Utd - 20th December , Kick Off 3.00pm

    Listening to Radio5 live tonight & they reckon the sending off was harsh & will more than likely be rescinded. But consecutive cont...

    21 Dec 2014 04:50