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World Cup Qualifying AFC R2 Group 1 News

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    Everton v Chelsea - 30th Aug - 5.30pm

    Cracking game, Everton have done well to get themselves back in contention just before half time. Exquisite assist by Cole. I fancy Chelsea...

    30 Aug 2014 22:05
    Burnley v Man Utd - 30th August , Kick Off 12.45pm

    Wasnt shocked at all. Abysmal display again. 3-5-2 didnt work. Moyes was clueless and LVG is adamant. Spoling the club and the team. Thankfu...

    30 Aug 2014 19:38
    Everton v Chelsea - 30th Aug - 5.30pm

    MOTD editors have their work cut out today! OK, I may have been slightly wide of the mark there. Anyone want a tenner bet that this game i...

    30 Aug 2014 19:19