McCarthy looks to cull his squad

08 July 2010 11:25
Wolves boss Mick McCarthy has admitted he may have to sell up to five players before the end of next month in an attempt to balance the Molineux books. Greg Halford, Matt Hill, Andy Keogh and Stefan Maierhofer are all likely to shown the way to the exit if McCarthy, who is still chasing Michael Mancienne and Guirane N'Daw, gets his way. McCarthy said: "I can see a real scrum developing because I'm going to have to say to some of them 'listen, there's two weeks to go and you're not going to be in my squad'. "I will be totally fair to them. I won't leave it until the last knock-ins. I'll tell them their futures will be sorted out a lot sooner than that. "Don't get me wrong, I love all the lads and I've got respect for them all. But the last thing I want is anyone left here from the end of August until January who can't play. "Let me say though there are no players here who would want to be here under those circumstances just collecting their money and it won't be our fault or anyone else's if we have anyone left here not able to play. "Someone has given us a real test of man-management. We can't have more than 25 players, so we have to name those 25 which we can't change until January. "Sam Vokes and Geoffrey Mujangi Bia are under 21 which means I can effectively have 25 others, provided eight of them have come through an English or Welsh academy system, which we'll be fine with. "If you looked at the back of the programme last season, we had about 765 players - you had to unfold it at the bottom. But the reality was there were only about 25 who we used in a squad of maybe 30."

Source: ESA