McCarthy explains Gow snub

13 January 2009 07:11
Wolves manager Mick McCarthy says a hamstring injury was the reason he pulled the plug on the signing of Rangers forward Alan Gow. The 26-year-old Rangers ace was set to head to Molineux last week, but McCarthy felt that the deal would have represented a risk. He told the Express & Star: "What we know is that his power was down on his hamstring and we had a scan done on it. "He's got a tear on it which we know will require treatment and surgery. He won't need it now, he could carry on playing. "But if I was to buy a new BMW and the engine's rattling, it might be okay now, but if I was to drive down to Bromley with the wife and kids and it breaks down, that's great isn't it? "Alan knows this because I've sat him down and told him. I've tried to sign him before and why, having got him here and done the medical, would I not do it? "There would have to be a pretty good reason wouldn't there?"

Source: ESA