McCarthy cool over drop threat

25 February 2010 03:45
Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Mick McCarthy has played down suggestions that his club have to avoid relegation from the Premier League this season. McCarthy's side are just one point outside the relegation zone going into a classic six-pointer at Bolton Wanderers this weekend, but the Molineux boss is calm about the prospects for the future. He told the Birmingham Mail: "Have is too strong a word, because you end up getting desperate and I don't think we can afford to become desperate. "Relegation splits teams up, it has a massive affect on some clubs. I don't think that would be the case here. "This club is not unstable, it does not have any problems either financially or emotionally or anything. It is brilliant but we all know relegation causes problems. "For all of us it is vitally important we stay up, of course it is, because we want to be here. "The club survives, no matter what, but going up and down you don't always know whether the team survives it, or the staff survive it. Not the club, because the club goes on and on and on and it always will. "It is run brilliantly from top to bottom, but relegation changes lots of things. "Players, some might want to be nicked out of the place, some clubs would hand pick them, some would want to leave. "It can destroy the ambience, camaraderie, the team spirit and it might have to be built again."

Source: ESA