'Yellow brick road' to Molineux

23 October 2009 10:32
Plans have been drawn up for a "yellow brick road" and golden bridge linking Wolverhampton's railway station and the city's Molineux football stadium.Shropshire architect Matthew Spinks said the path was intended to improve safety for fans and was inspired by Wolverhampton Wanderers' team colours.

Mr Spinks came up with the design after watching Wolves fans dash across the ring road to the stadium.

He said he hoped the golden route would appeal to them and help keep them safe.

Mr Spinks, whose firm is based in Bridgnorth, said: "As Wolves have played in old gold for many years it seemed most appropriate to name it the old gold route, linking the railway to the Molineux."

Spitfire links

City council leader Neville Patten has called it the "yellow brick road", which will probably be its popular name, Mr Spinks said.

The path would be about a mile long and is also being designed as a heritage trail to celebrate products made in Wolverhampton.

The golden route would be about a mile longThe firm said it had approached the Heritage Lottery Fund to finance the £500,000 path and £4.5m golden bridge.

The plan has the support of the football club, the University of Wolverhampton and the city council, which has commissioned a feasibility study into the project.

Mr Spinks said his firm was negotiating with local businesses to embed plane parts in the pavement next to the walkway in recognition of the fact that Spitfire parts were once made in the city.

He also wants to embed Chubb locks in the path to celebrate the Wolverhampton lock-maker, and there are plans to incorporate interactive elements to celebrate the city's arts.

"We want to design the pathway by Wolverhampton Art gallery so that when you step on it, it projects some of the gallery's exhibits on the brick wall," Mr Spink added.

Source: BBC_Sport