Sky announce Premier TV schedule

09 July 2009 12:08
In all 31 games have been confirmed, including each of the big four clashes and 11 major derbies, with ALL 20 Premier League clubs appearing live before the end of November. They are the first of 92 live Premier League games on Sky Sports, all in high definition. Sky Sports, in consultation with the Premier League and clubs, has now made its initial selection of 31 live games over the first four months of the season. The first set of fixtures feature: ALL THE CLUBS: Every one of the 20 clubs will be seen at least once in the initial set of live matches with all three promoted clubs shown live within the first two months. BIG HEAD-TO-HEADS: Each clash between last year's top four; Manchester United v Arsenal (Saturday, August 29), Chelsea v Liverpool (Sunday, October 4), Chelsea v Manchester United (Sunday, November 8), Liverpool v Manchester United (Sunday, October 25), Arsenal v Chelsea (Sunday, November 29). MAJOR DERBIES: Eleven big derbies including: Fulham vs Chelsea (Sunday, August 23), Birmingham City v Aston Villa (Sunday, September 13), Manchester United v Manchester City (Sunday, September 20), Chelsea v Tottenham (Sunday, September 20), Blackburn Rovers v Burnley (Sunday, October 18), Wolves v Aston Villa (Saturday, October 24), Arsenal v Tottenham (Sunday, October 31), Everton vs Liverpool (Sunday 29 November) and Arsenal vs Chelsea (Sunday 29 November). Announcing the initial live matches, Barney Francis, Managing Director of Sky Sports, said: "The initial set of fixtures are as strong as we've had since we began coverage of the Premier League. "We have eleven major derbies, five head-to-heads between last season's top four teams and every Premier League club shown live before the end of November. "Once again Sky Sports will bring you the biggest live matches throughout the season, all in high definition." Sky Sports Live Premier League fixtures: AUGUST: Saturday 15: Chelsea v Hull City (12.45pm); Sunday 16: Manchester United v Birmingham City (1.30pm); Sunday 16: Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool (4.00pm); Sunday 23: Fulham v Chelsea (4.00pm); Saturday 29: Manchester United v Arsenal (5.15pm); Sunday 30: Portsmouth v Manchester City (1.30pm); Sunday 30: Aston Villa v Fulham (4.00pm). SEPTEMBER: Sunday 13: Birmingham City v Aston Villa (12.00pm); Sunday 13: Fulham v Everton (4.15pm); Saturday 19: Burnley v Sunderland (12.45pm); Sunday 20: Manchester United v Manchester City (1.30pm); Sunday 20: Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur (4.00pm); Saturday 26: Portsmouth v Everton (12.45pm); Sunday 27: Sunderland v Wolves (4.00pm). OCTOBER: Sunday 4: Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers (1.30pm); Sunday 4: Chelsea v Liverpool (4.00pm); Saturday 17: Aston Villa v Chelsea (12.45pm); Sunday 18: Blackburn Rovers v Burnley (1.00pm); Sunday 18: Wigan Athletic v Manchester City (4.00pm); Saturday 24: Wolves v Aston Villa (12.45pm); Sunday 25: Liverpool v Manchester United (2.00pm); Sunday 25: West Ham United v Arsenal (4.15pm); Saturday 31: Arsenal v Totteham Hotspur (12.45pm). NOVEMBER: Sunday 1: Birmingham City v Manchester City (4.00pm); Sunday 8: Hull City v Stoke City (1.30pm); Sunday 8: Chelsea v Manchester United (4.00pm); Saturday 21: Liverpool v Manchester City (12.45pm); Sunday 22: Bolton Wanderers v Blackburn Rovers (1.30pm); Sunday 22: Stoke City v Portsmouth (4.00pm); Sunday 29: Everton v Liverpool (1.30pm); Sunday 29: Arsenal v Chelsea (4.00pm). This season, Sky Sports start a new agreement for live Champions League coverage with more live matches and more match nights. It brings live coverage of the final Qualifying round and up to 15 live matches per week across the group stage including every match on Tuesday nights. The 2009-10 season also sees Sky Sports begin a new three-year agreement with the Football League, to show up to 80 live games from across all three divisions, including play-offs and all three play-offs finals from Wembley, all available in high definition. This season kicks off on Sky Sports with a live pre-season match between Shamrock Rovers and Real Madrid on Monday, July 20, followed by three live pre-season tournaments including: the Wembley Cup featuring: Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Celtic and Al Ahly, on July 24 & 26, the Barclays Asia Trophy featuring: West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur, Hull City and Beijing Guoan, on July 29 & 31, and the Emirates Cup featuring: Arsenal, Rangers, Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, on August 1 & 2. Other live football on Sky Sports for the 2009-10 season includes: live ties from the Carling Cup, the Scottish Cup, live matches from Northern Ireland's IFA Premiership; live international football, including crucial home World Cup Qualifiers for Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales; plus South American World Cup Qualifiers.

Source: Team_Talk