McLeish critical of Wolves fine

19 February 2010 06:52
Wolves manager Mick McCarthy made 10 changes for the visit to the Red Devils in December and on Thursday the Molineux club were hit by a suspended £25,000 fine by the Premier League.[LNB]But Birmingham chief McLeish wants to know if action will now be taken against the league's big guns when they make changes to their established first choice line-ups.[LNB]The former Scotland boss said: "It is a grey area now. Where is it deemed that you have made too many changes and therefore you are going to get fined?[LNB]"What happens when Manchester United play in the Champions League and then rest six players the next game?[LNB]"What happens when Liverpool and Arsenal do that?[LNB]"The argument is maybe they've got more world class players than we have and therefore all these guys are recognisable household names anyway.[LNB]"But there is a grey area been created now and it is hard on Wolves and I don't think it was a good decision for English football."[LNB]McLeish is also against the Premier League proposal to introduce a play-off to decide the fourth Champions League spot.[LNB]The Scot, who managed Rangers in the Champions League, said: "I don't think it is a great suggestion at all. It might be exciting for fans and it might make some money, but it drags things on beyond the end of the season.[LNB]"I think the Dutch tried this model and they binned it after two or three years.[LNB]"It might be worthwhile getting advice with the Dutch and asking why they never went forward with the system.[LNB]"If you start looking at this, maybe teams third from bottom will start asking for play-offs, to play teams fourth and fifth in the Championship so where does it stop?[LNB]"If you play a long hard season and end up in a certain position, then that's because you've played 38 games and I don't see why we have to add anymore."[LNB][LNB]

Source: Team_Talk