McCarthy critical of Mancini

17 January 2012 03:46

Wolves boss Mick McCarthy wants his Manchester City counterpart Roberto Mancini to stop waving imaginary cards at officials during matches.

Mancini has been seen making such actions in recent matches between City and opponents Liverpool and Wigan, following a foul by Reds defender Glen Johnson and a handball by Latics defender Maynor Figueroa on the halfway line.

"None of us should do it. It is something I don't like. There is a cultural difference. Roberto is in this country now." said McCarthy.

"It is a little blip on a really good career for him at Man City because he handles himself with such good dignity and grace.

"He has done it. I wouldn't expect him to do it to one of my players or anyone else for that matter. I don't think anyone should do it. It is wrong. It looks bad and I'm sure if it is pointed out, Roberto won't do it again.

"I see [Wigan boss] Roberto Martinez has said the same and he has been here long enough and he understands it is just not done."

He continued: "I had it with QPR a while back. I took real offence to it. [Assistant manager] Bruno Oliveira did it.

"We didn't see eye to eye on that. Paolo Sousa was in charge and he was really apologetic and he explained that is their culture. But I said 'you are in our league and our culture, don't do it and we will get on'."

McCarthy added: "We have to give people a bit of credence for different culture and different places. But when they come here they have to understand like if I go anywhere else, I have to understand their culture.

"I was asked the other day should we be teaching players coming into this country to behave. I said 'no, I know how to behave and I've been all over the world in my capacity as Irish manager and not upset anyone'."

Source: PA

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