Ancelotti "A Tough Difficult Game"

21 February 2010 11:03
Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti was relieved to leave Molineux with three points after his 2-0 win against Wolves in the Premier League Speaking on the official Chelsea site thei gaffer said 'IT was a Tough game, very difficult and what is very important is to win this game after the defeat of Manchester, 'We had a possibility to improve our table and we did. 'Wolverhampton made a very good game and we didn't play so well but we had good spirit and battled for every ball, I think we deservd to win, 'Now our table is better but we have to pay attention and there will be a lot of games until the end of the season and nothing is decided. On Petr Cech keeping Wolves out he added 'He did a fantastic save when we were up 1-0, it was very important and did a fantastic assist for Didier in the second goal, We wanted to improve our performance but we stayed in focus and were concentrated, it was an important win.'


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