WIGANERnet Free Championship Fantasy Football

31 July 2013 11:54
The new season is now just two weeks away as the Latics prepare for the big season kick off on August 3rd.


WIGANER.net Free Championship Fantasy Football is now up and running and ready for you to enter your team.


To enter, sign up and register your team on http://fantasy.football-league.co.uk and then enter the private league pin: 4210484.


Here’s the team we came up with:


Kuzczak – Brighton


Lichaj – Nottingham Forest

Nosworthy – Watford

Boyce – Wigan

Morgan – Leicester


Cywka – Barnsley

Leadbitter – Middlesbrough

Burke – Birmingham

McCarthy – Wigan


Holt – Wigan

Roberts – Reading


We’ll be posting updates throughout the season to see who truly knows their football. Now we’re in the Championship this will sort the men from the boys, those who know their football from those who just watch match of the day.


Can you come out top of the WIGANER.net readers?


What do you think? Can you pick a better eleven? Sign up now and let us know your selection on the messageboard.

Source: WIGANER.net