Wigan council's Latics snub

11 October 2010 08:23
How proud a day was it when Wigan Athletic joined the elite of football in this country. Everyone in the borough was proud of the football club. Now the council has once again showed their true colours. In the eyes of Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council there is no football club in Wigan. The council have shown their true colours when it comes to the football club which truly has put the town on the global map Anyone who may have driven into Wigan recently may have noticed a subtle change to the signage welcoming people to the town. It seems Wigan no longer has a football team according to Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council. Despite having to find £3m of savings from it's budget this year, Wigan Council has still managed to find the funds from your/our hard earned taxpaying money to make a subtle alteration to the signs welcoming people to this town of ours over the past week, as the photo to the left shows. Those of us with longer memories remember the numerous brick walls that Wigan Council often put in front of Wigan Athletic over the years but since our elevation to the Premier League it seems they were happy to jump into bed with the football club in a flash as soon as there was a load of recognition and revenue in it. Now that the rugby club have won a major honour it seems that they have now reverted to type again and are failing to even acknowledge the presence of a PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALL CLUB in the town. This is not about football versus rugby. Wigan Warriors' achievements should be celebrated across the town for those people who have an interest in the sport they participate in. However, there are just as many people if not more follow football and do not deserve to be treated like second class citizens in their own town by people employed to spend their hard earned taxes for them. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO EMAIL YOUR THOUGHTS TO THE COUNCIL The offending sign   CLICK HERE FOR THE MESSAGEBOARD