Whelan's commitment persuaded Martinez to turn down Liverpool

21 August 2012 08:43
It was the committment for chairman Dave Whelan that persuaded Roberto Martinez to turn down Liverpool this summer.

The Latics chairman's appetite for the football club would appear to be well and truely re-invigorated following a close to the season last year that would rival anything in terms of form.

Aligned with the new impetus injected from Martinez's decision to remain with the club and the investment in the long term future via the youth system, Whelan appears to be a young man again when talking on football terms.

It was this hunger and appetite from the chairman that encouraged Martinez to turn down a move to Liverpool this summer and stick with the Latics.

Martinez said: "We must educate people. In five or six years, we reap the benefits. Maybe I won't be there then.

"But this is not why I stayed when Liverpool made me an offer. I stayed because my chairman is unique.

"This summer we sat down together. He had thoughts about the future of the club, I'd done the same. He knew that I had spoken with other clubs. But he is so persuasive, I extended my contract for three years.

"He wants to take the club to the next level. I know it will be difficult, but it excites me a lot."

The decision of Martinez to turn down Liverpool in favour of remaining with the Latics, a club where his is truely loved, should also be a message to players such as Victor Moses who has a similar decision over his future and a move to Chelsea.