Whelan outlines limit on spending

17 May 2010 12:58

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has told manager Roberto Martinez finances will be tight again this summer.

Whelan said the experiences of two of the Barclays Premier League's relegated sides - Portsmouth going into administration and Hull running up a £35million-plus debt - was a warning to all clubs to keep a firm grip on spending.

"First of all we have to decide who is going out before we can decide who is coming in," Whelan told the Wigan Reporter. "But Roberto has to accept - like every other manager in the Premier League - that there has to be a limit on what they can do."

He added: "I think that has been reinforced by what's happened at Portsmouth and the trouble that Hull are in.

"Everybody in the Premier League has to be looking to try to break even.

"I'll be meeting with him this week to have a chat about the situation, and we'll see how we go."

Source: PA