Opinion: No news is good news on Bobby

23 May 2012 06:07
Almost a week ago, Liverpool asked for permission to speak to Roberto Martinez. We are all still in the dark about the move but hopefully no news is good news.

The rumours surrounding the future of Bobby are starting to get very tiring. One minute, Bobby’s in America for a meeting with Liverpool, the next, he’s in Barbados with Dave Whelan discussing transfer plans and targets for the coming season. Last week, Whelan spoke out that he doesn’t expect the circus to go on for long and I’m sure all Latics fans are hoping the situation is resolved sooner rather than later.

After the Swansea game at home, I personally lost faith in Bobby and thought we was doomed. Well I was wrong and I hold my hands up to say I will never question the decisions of Bobby again. To think, in the space of a few months, I, as well as some other fans, have gone from wanting Bobby to be replaced, to praying that he stays and continues the fantastic work he has been doing since coming in.

The good news is that at the moment, Bobby is still the manager, has spoken passionately about his vision, plans and his love for the club. Liverpool is a fantastic opportunity for him and I would not hold it against him if he took the job but I don’t think it’s the right club for him at the moment, especially given the Liverpool fans reaction to the news that he is a contender for the job. We all know he will move on eventually but again,it's too soon.

Hopefully the saga will be over soon and we can all look forward to 2012/2013 in the Premier League with our Bob.


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