Martinez vents frustration

30 September 2010 08:13
Roberto Martinez has vented his frustration this week over the laws of the game regarding tackling. His anger comes after the shocking tackle from Birmingham City's Craig Gardner at the weekend. The former Aston Villa midfielder was sent off for the tackle that could have landed Franco Di Santo with a serious injury, just weeks after joining the Latics from Chelsea. The Latics boss is frustrated that the defensive players just simply get up and continue with the game, whilst the attacking player who is trying to add excitement to the game can be left with a spell on the sidelines. Speaking to the Wigan Evening Post, Roberto Martinez said: “FIFA are always trying to come up with ways of making the game more attractive and more attacking-minded, and yet you still get these kind of incidents which put at risk the talented, flair players. “With this kind of challenge, the defensive player just gets up and carries on. The player on the ball, though – the one who is trying to be positive, trying to create something, trying to entertain – is the one risking being put out of the game for six months. “We all know tackling is part and parcel of the game. But it is an art form, and there has to be a smooth way of getting the ball back without risking players’ safety. “It simply cannot be seen as an easy way of getting contact with the opposition. We should be doing all we can to protect the flair players in our game, and I am right behind Arsene on this – without a doubt.”  CLICK HERE FOR THE MESSAGEBOARD