King has future in game - Agent

30 October 2009 01:39
// A bit of a hack but it works// The article snippet is wrapped onto a second line, even when #article-sub is emptyif( $("div#article-sub").children().length == 0 ) {$("div#article-sub").remove();} Marlon King's agent believes the jailed footballer has a future in the game.

The Jamaica international's future has been cast into doubt after he was sentenced to 18 months in prison after being found guilty of sexual assault and actual bodily harm over an incident in a London nightclub.

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has revealed King will be sacked by the club once a mandatory notice period has expired.

Tony Finnigan has indicated King plans to appeal against his conviction and he is "110 per cent" confident King will find another club if Wigan carry out their decision to sack him.

Finnigan told Sky Sports News: "Why shouldn't he be given a chance. Football is rehabilitation, people fall down and make mistakes.

"I am not here to play judge and jury on Marlon King I am just saying why shouldn't he have the oppprtunity to resume his playing career if someone wants to take him on board."

Asked if another club would take King on board, Finnigan replied: "100 per cent, 110 per cent.

"He's employed in football to score goals. Anyone who's played with Marlon King will tell you he's a great professional.

"When he trains he works hard, he's a leader and he's a winner, and he scores goals - he's good at it."

"If he fails again he'll go and suffer the consequences."

Finnigan also blasted the Professional Footballers' Association for not showing enough support for King.

"I thought Bobby Barnes' comments were out of order," continued Finnigan.

"I thought Bobby should have been alongside him at the court to see how it developed during the week."

He added: "What's the union there for? To support their members. Why wouldn't they support him? They're supporting other players."

Source: SKY_Sports

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