Jenkins explains cash agreement

20 August 2009 01:03
Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins has revealed he is unable to spend the money he received from Wigan for Roberto Martinez and Jason Scotland because he does not have it yet. Spanish boss Martinez and striker Scotland moved to the DW Stadium over the summer with the Premier League club paying a fee for both, but Jenkins is unable to provide new manager Paulo Sousa with all of the cash to spend on his squad because of an agreement with Wigan that sees the money paid over the course of two seasons. "Everybody thinks we are just piling the money up in the bank and saving it for a rainy day but it's not like that," Jenkins told his club's official website. "The deals we've been involved in this summer just show you the way things work in this day and age, especially with a lot of Premier League clubs. "Everybody works on a never never basis in football but we try to pay for things as we have them. We only look to spend what is guaranteed to come in during that season."

Source: Eurosport