Council U-turn

12 October 2010 08:27
After the Latics support United once more yesterday, the new council signs snubbing the presence of Wigan Athletic in the borough were torn down. Click here to read the original article The internet community of Wigan Athletic supporters teamed together, not to remove the Warriors success from the banners, but merely to recognise the achievements of the Latics in reaching the top flight. The offending sign The offending signs (as shown above) were placed at all major entries to the town, and supporters of the football club wanted the old signs (sporting the name of Wigan Athletic) to be put back up. By the time the town arrived home from work yesterday, the work had been completed and the old signs were back in place. Latics supporters will no doubt understand if this was an oversight on the council's behalf, but the track record would suggest this was more than that. Either way, it is fantastic news that the football club is being celebrated once more. CLICK HERE FOR THE MESSAGEBOARD 188bet competition: Win tickets for the game with Newcastle - Click Here for details