Agent - Jailed King plans double appeal

30 October 2009 07:58
Marlon King's agent believes his client will appeal the 18-month jail term he was handed for sexual assault and actual bodily harm, and his sacking from Wigan Athletic.

The striker was sentenced on Thursday in relation to an incident that occurred in a London nightclub last December, and subsequently sacked by Wigan chairman Dave Whelan.

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But his agent Tony Finnegan told Radio Five Live, King plans to fight on both counts.

"I asked Marlon and he said 'I'm not guilty Tony, I didn't do it - I want the British justice system to find me not guilty'," Finnegan said.

"While the appeal process goes on, which will be on Monday, this lad could be out in two, three weeks, four weeks; then those bail conditions will be subject to him being in his house".

In relation to King's sacking from Wigan, Finnegan added: ""The chairman's got a choice. If [he] decides to sack Marlon King under gross misconduct he would have to put that in writing first and foremost.

"Then he has a right of appeal to the Premier League, in writing.

"If Wigan aren't successful in sacking this player and he comes out in three months time and he wanted to be signed by another Premiership club, do Wigan allow him to go for nothing or do they seek a fee?"

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Source: DSG