Mowbray calls for loyalty

24 April 2009 04:18
Tony Mowbray hopes his West Brom players stay with the club even if, as seem likely, the Baggies are relegated to the Championship. Jonathan Greening has already pledged his future to Albion and Mowbray hopes players of the calibre of James Morrison, Paul Robinson, Robert Koren and Scott Carson also remain loyal. He said: "The bottom line is it isn't just the manager who's taken the team down and it isn't just the players who have taken the team down. If we go down, we're all hopefully going to gain from the experience. "It's a lot more complicated now as modern day footballers are all governed by their advisors and what they think is best for them, and what becomes paramount is your relationship with the players. "My discussion point with most of them would be if there are players I want to keep, and we get bids for them, they owe the football club, they owe the fans and their team-mates another crack at it. "Let's all try to get back to the Premier League because, if we do that, I think we'll be so much better for it. "We'll have had the experience of this season and that's a pretty strong, powerful message. They should have a responsibility to feel that. "I don't want to ram that home. It comes from within. You've either got that or you haven't. You've got to look deep into these players and see what drives and motivates them."

Source: ESA

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