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Brunt describes his pride

12 Aug 2009 10:15:00

Brunt describes his pride

West Brom midfielder Chris Brunt has spoken of his pride in wearing Northern Ireland's colours. Ahead of the friendly against Israel on Wednesday at Windsor Park, the 24-year-old describes it is an honour to be part of the group. Brunt said: "It is a great thing to come away with Northern Ireland as we sell a lot of tickets. When I was a kid only four or five thousand turned up - so it is a good incentive." He added: "Things might have been different if we hadn't been in the mix in the qualifiers but I am glad to be here. "This would be a bad game to miss. Those who play well against Israel will be in the reckoning for the last three qualifiers. "We are basically a young squad but we are all aware of how important a time this is for Northern Ireland. We could make the play-offs at least."


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